Hey person reading this.

I don't know what you're doing here, or why you care to view this page.

Maybe you know who I am or maybe you don't. Either way it doesn't matter.

Wanna know what sucks? People. Especially when they change. And more importantly, when maybe you could have prevented them changing.

Imagine a group of friends, everyone is together in harmony. Everyone really cares for each other. So it seemed.

And over time, things happen, people start fighting, and it gets worse. And worse. And worse. You can say, that after so much infighting between the group, that it it would affect the people. And to no surprise, it did.

That is my story. And you might ask "what happened to the friends?"

Lies, betrayal, treachery happened. People changed. And some revealed their true colors.

This group of people, once what seemed to be unbreakable even at the threat of what seemed to be possibly life threatening, collapsed. And it's funny you know, because the "villain" only wanted to preserve what was. Some people should look in the mirror.

In the end, I guess, some people just can't be saved. And it's their own fault. They've dug their own grave. But if I get hated for being genuine, then so be it. Hate me. I might not be an angel but I'm sure a better person than them.

When things finally change, again, they will understand what a horrible mistake they have made. Just don't forget.

What is real will prosper.

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